~~ The Great Bird of the Galaxy has landed on my planet! ~~

The original, classic Star Trek series has been re-released into syndication and on DVD, with upgraded audio and visual effects. The opening credits have even been digitally reshot, and the theme re-recorded as part of the spiffing up project.

I had the honor of singing the soprano solo on the theme, which for a long-time Trek fan such as myself, was a dream come true.
I've often been requested, in the course of my movie and TV recording career, to do the Star Trek-like, theramin sound, most notably for Mars Attacks and the theme to Perversions of Science, but when I got referred to do the original, I was completely surprised and thrilled.

The recording session itself was musically satisfying in its own right, as the theme music, composed by Alexander Courage, is a marvelous miniature masterpiece, and was recreated and conducted expertly by Gregory Smith. It is always a distinct pleasure to be working with L.A.'s top session musicians, and this was no exception. The players easily handled this challenge and succeeded in authentically reproducing the style and feel of the original.

Listen to the new version!

Here's the story:
Interview with Anthony Pascale We had a delightful conversation, and he interviewed the conductor, Gregory Smith, as well.

... and a video:
Behind the scenes of the recording session I'm in an isolation booth, singing with the orchestra in the large sound stage.

promo photo The vocal version of the theme is on all of the episodes in Seasons 2 and 3.

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