~~ Audio Clips ~~

Here is a selection of audio clips, each demonstrating a different facet of my vocal abilities. Some examples are mp3s and some are in RealAudio format. (The RealAudio Player can be downloaded for free.)

The Theme from Star Trek(mp3): classic TV theme
I did my best to recreate the original, classical-style performance for the remastered version. (1:03)
For more information, see my Star Trek page.

FloodSmart(mp3): lyric soprano
I sing an excerpt from "Doretta's Waltz" from La Rondine by Puccini for this TV commercial for FEMA. (:60)

The Simpsons Movie (mp3): vintage Andrews Sisters
This is the music for the scene in which Homer & Marge have a romantic evening in a snowed-in cabin. In this original version, I'm singing ALL of the parts. In the movie, you hear me singing the three trio parts of lah-dee-dahs with myself and a bigger choir. (1:01)

Epson Diva (mp3): opera aquatica
This version of a famous aria from Carmen is all wet! I'm the opera diva (singing an aria from Carmen who gets tossed into a swimming pool! You may have heard it, as it was played extensively on radio. (:60)

"Soap" Opera (mp3): dramatic coloratura soprano
Alan Steinberger composed this virtuoso miniature aria. (:34)

Gaudeamus (RA): boy soprano
A couple phrases of chant. (0:22)

Perversions of Science (RA): sci-fi theramin
The closing theme to the HBO series, written by Danny Elfman. I merely recorded this off the cable broadcast, and there are plenty of sound effects on top of the music. (0:50)

"Mambo del Flubber"! (RA): vocal keyboard
Danny Elfman sampled my voice and played it on his keyboard for this number featured in Flubber. (1:04)

Utyess (mp3): contemporary aria
This was composed by Michael Levine as a demo for an art film. (1:17)

Father's Little Girl (RA): musical theater belt
This is the last few bars of a song from a musical called Florinda. I sang the lead role on this professional demo. (0:41)

Lowenbrau (mp3): Euro pop
This is a jingle house demo for a Lowenbrau commercial, sung in German. (:30)

More I See You (RA): jazz harmony
I am singing all of the voices in this home-made demo, an excerpt of an arrangement by Kirby Shaw. (0:22)

Blood+ (mp3): extended contemporary aria, ethereal to dramatic
This is the Diva's aria from the anime series, composed by Don Harper and Mark Mancina. This was particulary challenging and thrilling to sing. The words are random Latin, so that the piece might be used in any context in the series, which is only available overseas. (4:51)

In addition, you can hear what I do with my a cappella group.
Sixth Wave: We have sound clips from both of our CDs.

Any requests?

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